Goals and competences of the Intelligence Agency

The strategic priorities and goals of the Intelligence Agency are determined in the strategic plan for the period of 2015-2018 in compliance with the established strategic priorities of the President and the Government of the Republic of Macedonia.

Sphere of Action

Pursuant to the Law of the Intelligence Agency, the Agency compulsory informs the President of the Republic of Macedonia, the Government and other state bodies with composed analysis and information related to each specific sphere of action. The competences of the Agency as per the given law are:

  • Early warning, estimations and forecasts of the tendencies and possible risks for the national security of the Republic of Macedonia,
  • Data and information collection significant for the security and defense and for the economic, political and other vital state interests,
  • Data and information collection for the international terrorism and transnational organized crime prevention,
  • Data and information analysis and research relevant for the security and defense of the Republic of Macedonia and of the economic, political and other state interests,
  • Technical support,
  • Activities for the logistics support and security in the work of the Intelligence Agency.


According to the legal provisions for intelligence work, the following authorizations are given to the Intelligence Agency of the Republic of Macedonia:

  • The employees have the right to collect data, knowledge and information related to their specific sphere of work,
  • The Director of the Intelligence Agency issues personal warrant cards to the employees at special working positions,
  • The employees with warrant cards shall identify themselves when conducting their official works in the Republic of Macedonia.