Skopje – 13th of February 2020


Today, 23.01.2020, the President of the Macedonian Police Union, Dr. Marjan Kicev, had a meeting with the Director of the Intelligence Agency (AR), Mr. Erold Musliu, at the Agency's premises. This is the first meeting since the election of the MPU President in December 2019 with AR Director.

During the meeting, AR Director Erolld Musliu informed MPU President Marjan Kicev on the draft law on the Intelligence Agency, which passed the legal procedure before the Government of RNM on 21.01.2020.
The MPU participated in the preparation of the new draft law of the Intelligence Agency in the area of ​​promotion of employee rights, retirement conditions, and in the area of ​​equal pay with employees of related state institutions, such as MoI, ANB and OTA.
With the drafting of the new AR law, in which also the MPU was included, rounds up security reforms as a precondition for the country's entry into NATO and the EU.