Skopje – 13th of February 2020


Dear Sirs,

   The Macedonian Police Union with its delegated representatives took active part in the preparation of the new draft Law on the Intelligence Agency with recommendations on the employees’ rights, retirement conditions and on equal alignment of the salaries with kindred state institutions like Ministry of Interior, the National Security Agency and the Operational-Technical Agency. Thus, the Union encourages the Macedonian Parliament members to support it and to express awareness to vote for the draft Law on the Intelligence Agency.

    Passing the Law on the Intelligence Agency will encompass the security related reforms which is a precondition for NATO and EU accession. At the same time, the long-term injustice against the employees of the Intelligence Agency will be corrected and they can finally exploit the rights and the obligations anticipated in the given Law.

    We would like to extend our gratitude for the hitherto cooperation and we sincerely hope that this announcement will be posted at your portals. Best Regards,

Secretary General
Kiro Trajkovski