Skopje – 13th of February 2020

Press release

The Intelligence Agency regrets the unconstructive approach of the opposition related to the adoption of the new Law on the Intelligence Agency.

The submission of 1146 Amendments is aimed only to delay the adoption of the Law towards the period from 2025 to 2027 which is opposed to the Constitution of the Republic of North Macedonia where the procedure for the adoption and publication of all laws in the country in the Official Gazette is regulated.
The Agency would like to emphasize that this type of illogical action of the opposition is intended for personal and party interests, and not for the interests of the state and citizens.
We emphasize that with this Law, the reforms in the security system of the Republic of North Macedonia will be completed. Its composition is done pursuant to previous consultations with competent state authorities, academic community and partner services from NATO and EU member states and specialized bodies of the Alliance.
We hope that common sense and consciousness amid the opposition will prevail and finally they will recognize the importance of adoption of the Law on Intelligence Agency and withdraw the Amendments.