Skopje – 29th of March 2020

Intelligence Agency Day - 29.03.2020 - Message of the Director of IA

Dear colleagues,

The Intelligence Agency Day is an occasion for all employees to feel proud of working for this institution. This year we are celebrating 25 years since the adoption of the Law on the Intelligence Agency, and 22 years since the first person has been employed in the Service.

From the very beginning and to this day, we have been shaping the Agency step by step. We have built it with integrity, enthusiasm, and devotion. We have faced many difficult moments, and we prevailed in numerous crises.

This year we have a very special reason to be proud of our institution. AR has contributed towards our country’s NATO membership as well as the receiving of date for starting of negotiations with the EU. These two achievements are fundamental to our brighter future.

In addition, we have worked hard to pass a new law though to no avail due to political obstruction. However, we are not discouraged; on the contrary, we will remain committed to bringing benefit to all our employees.

The current situation in the world affected by the Covid19 pandemic is distressing, but we must demonstrate judiciousness and maturity in order to overcome the difficult circumstances. Government measures and recommendations have been implemented within the Agency to protect all employees and their close ones.

Dear fellow colleagues,

It is an honour and privilege to work for the Service which is of vital significance for the national security. AR has a great human resources potential which can be used to develop a modern, efficient, and professional service free from any influence. I call upon you to give your best so that we accomplish this vision together. In this way we shall make certain to impart a lasting legacy to future generations.

Happy anniversary to all of us!
March 29, 2020

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