Skopje – 3rd of June 2020


The Director of the Intelligence Agency of the Republic of North Macedonia, Mr. Erolld Musliu is not a member of any political party and has not attended any kind of a meeting of the Social Democrats.

The Director of the IA self-isolated himself after a brief private encounter with the MP Muhamed Zekiri downtown Skopje on 30 May 2020. As a responsible person and taking into consideration the fact that he manages an organization with many employees and in order to avoid any possibility of infection, he decided to self-isolate.

In the Intelligence Agency, since pandemic was announced, we have managed to protect ourselves while performing our tasks.

We suggest that the media does not fall for hybrid propaganda, hungry for fake news.

We strongly recommend that the vice-president of VMRO DPMNE, Aleksandar Nikolovski withdraws his statement made for the Kanal 5 TV on June 2, 2020 since it contains false information.