Symbols of the Intelligence Agency

The coat of arms/emblem of the Intelligence Agency

The coat of arms/emblem of the Intelligence Agency of the Republic of Macedonia is converse colored eight-ray divergent sun applied on round dividend into eight golden and eight dark red rays that end up in the converse colored shield rim. Under the shield, there is garland of two Macedonian oak arms with acorns interlaced with dark red ribbons merging into a golden key. The text "АГЕНЦИЈА ЗА РАЗУЗНАВАЊЕ" is placed above the shield I an arc form.

Official documents of the employees in the Intelligence Agency

According to the legal provisions for intelligence work, the following authorizations are given to the Intelligence Agency of the Republic of Macedonia: The employees have the right to collect data, knowledge and information related to their specific sphere of work. The Director of the Intelligence Agency issues personal warrant cards to the employees at special working positions. The employees with warrant cards shall identify themselves when conducting their official works in the Republic of Macedonia.

Official souvenir of the Intelligence agency

The official souvenir of the Intelligence Agency of the republic of Macedonia is in a form of a golden key with the coat of arms/emblem of Agency in the upper part. The eight-ray divergent sun is placed on a round golden and dark red shield with opposite coloring of the symbols and the rim. The text "АГЕНЦИЈА ЗА РАЗУЗНАВАЊЕ/INTELLIGENCE AGENCY" is place around the shield. The key itself forms a visual image of two acorns of the Macedonian oak (Quercus Macedonica).

Flag of the Intelligence Agency