Skopje, November 22, 2022

Meeting of the AR Director Erolld Musliu with David Cattler, NATO Assistant Secretary General for Intelligence and Security

On 22.11.2022, the Director of the Intelligence Agency, Erolld Musliu met NATO Assistant Secretary General for Intelligence and Security David Cattler.

They discussed issues related to the new NATO Strategic Concept, the responsibilities of North Macedonia as a NATO Ally, and the importance of sharing relevant, timely and objective information of strategic importance for the security and interests of the Alliance.

Building resilience and reinforcing cooperation among Allies are of paramount importance for the protection of the fundamental principles of the Alliance. The importance of promoting NATO values in the process of the reform of the Intelligence Agency was highlighted.

Mr Musliu and Mr Cattler also discussed Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, attempts by third actors to influence regional political and security developments and processes, as well as terrorist and other asymmetric threats in the Western Balkan region.