Skopje - July 26, 2023

The Committee for Supervision of the Work of ANB and AR in a working visit to AR

Today, 26.07.2023, the Committee for Supervising the work of ANB and AR paid a visit to the Intelligence Agency, where the director and his colleagues informed the MPs about the current priorities of AR. Simultaneously, a special emphasis was placed on the Belgrade – Pristina Dialogue and the reflections on the regional security, the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as on the European perspectives of the country in the context of global security challenges.

The MPs showed interest in several issues, especially regarding the “Pegasus” and “Predator” systems, the security and protection of the citizens from such sophisticated systems, as well as the public office holders, and the Agency confirmed that it does not possess such systems.

The MPs gave a positive assessment regarding the meeting and AR’s answers to the questions asked.